Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mr. Luke- 7 months

Somehow I missed the 6 month update- whoops!

This little chunk is 7 months old today (on March 16th.. forgot to hit publish!)! He's weighing in at 20 lbs 4 oz, and is 28 inches long.
He is crawling.. well an army crawl/flinging himself forward from his hands and knees combo. I'm sure regular crawling is right around the corner though! He still only has 2 teeth, but his two top ones are going to cut through any day now, which will bring the total to 4!
He is finally sleeping better (YAHOO!!) and had his first real sleep through the night this month! He usually gets up once during the night for a small bottle. His naps are generally longer as well, they've been about 45-90 minutes! Yay!!

7 month Loves:

Eating is his current favorite activity. We're doing a mix of purees and finger foods. I have no idea what his favorites are, hes just loving food in general. He hasn't tried anything that he doesn't like yet!

 Bouncing is another favorite. He loves his jolly jumper and the jumparoo.

 Hes finally discovered that Baxter is a living thing that moves, and he can't get enough of him! Bax has been so patient, I'm so proud of him! 

 We've been spending lots of days at the park lately now that the weather is so beautiful! He's loving the swings (and I promise even though there is snow, it was super warm out- no mittens required!)

 He's finally getting used to the backpack, which is awesome since we have a few great hikes planned for this summer!

He's also starting to get into books. Dada by Jimmy Fallon is his very favorite, he laughs so hard at the animal noises!

7 month Dislikes

Pretty much the only thing I can think of is if we don't share what we are eating with him! He gets really whiny and cries almost instantly... he totally gets that from me ;)

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