Monday, April 04, 2016

Weekend Recap

It's been quite a while since I did anything other than a Monthly Luke update! I think the gorgeous weather we are having (and Luke napping for longer than a minute at a time) are helping to make me more productive!

Will has a three day weekend most weekends, so our weekend starts when he gets home on Thursdays!

Thursday evening:
It was our friend Marshall's birthday, so we took a quad ride up a mountain for a fire and some skeet shooting! It was a beautiful night, so much fun to get out! My mom and dad watched Luke and his cousins so we could all go- they are the best!

I took Luke for his first run in the jogging stroller.. so hard to get used to! I went for 30 mins on an awesome paved trail that used to be railroad tracks. It's finally clear of snow, so I'm thinking it's almost time to get the bikes out, woohoo!

We also got out for a walk with my mom later in the day, it was 21 degrees out, so no way we were hanging out inside!!

Will was working on plans for our new deck, so Luke and I grabbed an Iced coffee and hit the park with his cousins Eli and Brooke!

We hung out in the yard in the afternoon watching Will deconstruct the deck, and took a ride in the wheelbarrow.

We went up to my parent's farm to get Baxter in the evening (he sometimes has sleepovers there), and papa took Luke for a ride down to Auntie Nin's trailer (which she is almost ready to move back into- hooray Linds!!) on Eli's car. He looked like such a big kid sitting in it, so cute!

We spent some more time hanging out in the yard while Will worked on the deck, and then headed up to my mom and dad's for some volleyball and a BBQ! A great way to end a gorgeous weekend :)


  1. Fun weekend you guys had! Glad you got some of the gorgeous weather we had too :)

    1. So nice, it definitely makes me excited for summer!


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