Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Move it Monday {6}.. at the end of a Tuesday!

Today seems like it should be Monday... I guess that's long weekends for you!

Exciting news- we tried out our new stroller (the chariot) and apparently Luke loves it! He hated the BOB's guts, so I am pretty excited that he is into the Chariot. We've been easing into  longer walks and so far, so good. I'm excited/nervous to try it out behind my bike! Hopefully I'll get to that this week sometime :)
It's like Where's Waldo... can you spot the Baxter?
Last week's workouts:

Mon 16- Last day of Level 1 30 day shred
Tues 17- First day of Level 2 30DS, 22 min run on treadmill
Wed 18- 30DS Level 2
Thurs 19- 30 DS Level 2, two stroller walks with Luke and Bax
Fri 20- Stroller walk with Luke, Will and Bax
Sat 21- Nada. The all day rain cramped my style (and apparently my motivation as well!)
Sun 22- 30 DS level 2, stroller walk

My plan is to do 5K time trial on my favorite trail on Saturday... my goal is to run the whole thing, no matter how slow I go.... gulp!

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