Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mr. Luke- 8 months

* Just like everything else, I am late with this too! I wrote it and for got to finish/publish it. Life!!

Luke turned 8 months old on Saturday, and the changes in him in the last month were unbelievable! He went from sort of crawling/flinging himself across the floor, to really quick proper crawling, and pulling himself up on EVERYTHING. I've had to take than handles off on any drawer he can reach because he pulls himself up, and then slams his fingers in them.
When he first started pulling up on everything, he had no idea how to get down, so would do a deadfall backwards and slam his head on the floor (I missed him twice because he veered sideways and it was sad.). He's finally learned to lower himself slowly to his bum, which is much less stressful for me!
He had his first night at home with just dad, I went on a little overnighter to Banff with some girlfriends which was wonderful!
His two front teeth are completely in, I'm loving his little gap toothed smile! The two beside the top ones are just peeking through, bringing our total to 6 teeth! Still up 1-2 times a night to eat (with the occasional sleep through the night, woohoo!) Naps are still way better, I feel cheated now when he sleeps for less than an hour at a nap!

8 Month loves:

This was the first time he pulled himself up on something.... and so it begins

Next came kneeling in the crib, which was lowered 5 minutes after this picture was taken! He was pretty proud of himself

 Riding in the shopping cart like a big boy has made shopping so much more enjoyable, he hated being in his car seat in the cart. Bonus points if he can ride with Brookie and they can try to poke eachother's eyes out :)

He is a big fan of the park still, and loves the swings (I think half of his friends are asleep in this picture!)

Riding in this car is his favorite thing ever! He loves to go up and down the driveway at my parents place, and down this hill to visit Auntie Linds in the trailer!
Still a big fan of eating, and he now does this weird sideways head thing sometimes in his high chair! I think he is trying to be cute, but I'm not 100% sure :)

8 Month dislikes:

The only thing I can think of right now is his carseat, he absolutely hates it!  I try to time car rides with bottle times if I can so that he isn't completely miserable the whole time. Other than that, he is one content little dude!!

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