Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mr Luke- 9 months

The "little" man is 9 months old already! I say "little" because at his last appointment he weighed in at 22 lbs (81st percentile) and 31 inches (99th percentile).  He also has massive feet and hands, so I'm thinking it's kind of like dogs and he is going to be a big kid! haha

He was sleeping better for the most part, and then all of a sudden we've hit some weird sleep regression. His naps are still great, usually twice a day for 1.5 hours, but all of a sudden he's fighting nighttime sleep, or waking up and not going back to sleep for about 2 hours (seems to be his magic number) in the middle of the night. It's driving me nuts and can stop anytime now!!
He is on the move and into everything, my kitchen is a disaster area by the end of the day, as emptying the cupboards is his favorite activity. I was going to put locks on them, but there's nothing in them that can hurt him, and it seems to make him happy, so whatever ;) 
The bathroom door, however, now stays closed since we've discovered unravelling the toilet paper, and playing in the toilet.. eww.

9 month likes:

Pulling himself up on everything!

He loves to read and is starting to look at books on his own now

 As mentioned above, emptying cupboards is a fave

Eating still ranks as a top activity. I can't eat anything anymore without him begging for some..he's worse than Bax!

Brushing my teeth is another activity that I can't do without him, he cries if  I try to brush mine without giving him his brush. Hopefully this will save me big money in dental bills down the road!

9 month dislikes:

He's not a fan of his carseat still, anything where he is restrained is a no no. He's decided this month that he's not a fan of the bathtub since he isn't allowed to stand. bath time has become a 1.5 minute scrub/rinse/out routine. He does love to run around in his towel afterwards though!


  1. That's awesome that he likes brushing his teeth! It's a struggle with Amelia

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